FAQ ArtRefo

1. What is ArtRefo?

ArtRefo is the committee within Refo500 responsible for initiating and coordinating activities related to all aspects of the arts in the era of the 16th century reformations and their influence up until today.

2. Why is there an ArtRefo?

ArtRefo was established to bring together academics, museum curators, librarians and others interested in the arts of the early modern period, with a view to sharing expertise and facilitating joint ventures such as networks, conferences and exhibitions.

3. Why is your slogan: sharing sights and sounds?

We aim to bring to the attention of the public the visual and musical culture of the Reformation era.

4. Who are the committee members of ArtRefo?

Click here to see the list of committee members of ArtRefo.

5. Can I join ArtRefo?

You can take part in the public activities of ArtRefo as they are announced through the website and the Refo500 newsletter. Involvement in projects is limited to scholars whose institution is partner of Refo500. Click here to read more about a partnership of Refo500.

6. Why is ArtRefo interesting for me?

ArtRefo keeps you up-to-date with current and future events related to all aspects of art in the era of the 16th century reformations and their influence op until today. You can form new links with leaders of particular projects, or with individual experts on various aspects of the visual and musical culture of the period. In near future, you can browse the collection of images, to gain a better understanding of the Reformation’s impact on cultural production.

7. What is Refo500?

Refo500 is the international platform for knowledge, expertise, ideas, products and events, specializing in the 500 year legacy of the Reformation. Click here to go to the website of Refo500.

8. How can I contact you for other questions?

Use the contact form of ArtRefo for all your other questions.



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