Coins and Medals

"Halbtalerklippe" (untrimmed coin) of the City of Strasbourg for the Centenary of the Reformation

Description Medals commemorating the Reformation were common practice since the first secular celebrations of Luther’s theses. The Humanist city of Strasbourg was amongst the cities that turn...

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Satirical Medal

Description Medals were a popular propaganda medium during the religious conflicts in the 16th century. The biceps series was particularly common. Our example depicts a double headed Pope-Devil on ...

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Medal of John Knox

Description This medal by the Swiss artist Jean Dassier is one of a series of twenty-four portraying individuals who, in the words of the artist, had ‘laboured for the revival and restoration...

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Medal of Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon

Description By the time this medal was created, medals had been used in Italy for over a century as a way of circulating the images of important individuals, including popes. In the sixteenth centu...

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