Prior to the Reformation

Trunk With a Fragment of a Late Medieval Altar Picture

Description The trunk with the painted front raises a couple of questions hard to answer. It came to the museum in 1899 from a private owner in Steffisburg; the former use of it is unknown. It rest...

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Altar Cloth from the Church of Zarnekow, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

Description The altar cloth of Zarnekow is made of dark green velvet and is an example of “reformed recycling”. With the introduction of the Reformation there was no need for the tradi...

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Statue of St. Laurentius

Description The statue of the young deacon Laurentius is until now the only which has been recognized by research as a carving from a late-gothic workshop in Basel. From this we can gauge the exte...

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Zurich at the Time of the Reformation

Description Out of all the late-gothic altar panels showing the martyrdom of the three city saints from the Twelve Apostles Chapel in the Great Minster in Zurich, only the parts with the city view ...

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