Refo500 is a project of the Dutch Refo500 Foundation, Netherlands.

General Address Refo500 Foundation

Vrielinklanden 45
7542 LT Enschede

Address of the Board of Refo500 Foundation

Prins Bernhardstraat 36
2825 BE Berkenwoude

Chamber of Commerce

The Refo500 Foundation is registered in the so called Handelsregister of the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) in the Netherlands as #08214448.

Bank Account

Bank account 153741260 on behalf of "Stichting Refo500", Enschede, the Netherlands. The IBAN Number is NL33 RABO 0153741260, the BIC/SWIFT-Number is RABO NL2U.

Bank Name and Address

Rabobank Vaart en Vechtstreek
Moerheimstraat 14
7701 CJ Dedemsvaart
The Netherlands

Websites Refo500

Design: IDD, Ommen, Netherlands
Technical realisation: Webstores, Hardenberg, Netherlands
Text historical timeline The Reformation: Drs. Martijn de Groot
Text historical timeline The Reformation edited by Dr. Harm Veldman
Translations: Todd Rester (USA), Anna Kirstein and Andi Klein (Germany), Clarence Stam (Canada) and Refo500



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