Reformation Conferences

Here you will find a survey of academic conferences related to the 16th century Reformation. Your conference on this webpage? Send us an e-mail.


Die 'andere Reformation' im Nordwesten des Alten Reichs: Bremen und Westeuropa
08 February 2017-09 February 2017
Domkapitelhaus der St. Petri Domgemeinde 

Ziel der Tagung ist es, die Bedingungen, Strukturen und Auswirkung der Verbindungen zwischen Bremen und Westeuropa zu analysieren. Dabei soll Bremen als exemplarisch für ähnliche Sonderwege der Reformation in Norddeutschland und im Reich analysiert werden. Es stellt sich die Frage, inwiefern in diesen Städten und Territorien im Vergleich mit den lutherischen Territorien von einer „anderen Reformation“ die Rede sein kann. Flyer

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Luther in Italy
23 February 2017-26 February 2017
Deutsches Historisches Institut in Rom 

To mark the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the year in which, according to tradition, Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Palace Church in Wittenberg, the conference in Rome will address the topic of the impact of the Reformation on the Italian book market.

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Luther and the Sacraments
26 February – 1 March 2017
Faculty of Theology, Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome

For a long time, both Catholics and Lutherans believed that Martin Luther had – after his early conflict with the Church – abolished the sacraments as effective means of salvation. But now, after nearly 50 years of Lutheran–Catholic dialogue, an understanding has emerged that “by grace alone in faith in Jesus Christ’s saving work” is no exclusion of the sacraments and the sacramental life of the Church.



The Reformation and the Arts around the North Sea
06 March 2017
Bryggens Museum Bergen

This conference will adress the role of arts and culture in the Reformation in the countries around the North Sea.

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Reformation 500 Festival
09 March 2017-11 March 2017
Union University Jackson, Tennessee 

With music, theater, art, a film showing, and lectures from our plenary speakers as well as Union faculty from a wide array of disciplines, the conference will examine the various ways the Reformation has shaped the world we know today. 

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Trumpet Call: 500 years of Gospel Freedom
14 March 2017-16 March 2017
Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

The 2017 Greenville Seminary Spring Theology Conference will commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation under the theme “Trumpet Call: 500 years of Gospel Freedom.” Planned lectures include: “Luther’s Providential God” (Dr. Robert Kolb); “Luther’s Preaching on the Parables” (Dr. Robert Kolb); “The Law as Friend and Foe in the Theology of Luther” (Dr. Michael Whiting); “Luther on Life without Dichotomy” (Dr. James McGoldrick); and lectures on the five “Solas” of the Reformation (Dr. Michael Morales, Rev. Cliff Blair, Dr. Joseph Pipa, Dr. Joel Beeke, et al). The conference will be held at Woodruff Road Presbyterian Church, Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA.

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Calvin Studies Colloquium "Calvin and the Early Reformation"
16 March 2017-18 March 2017

Mark your calendar for the next CSS Colloquium, hosted by Baylor University, on the theme of "Calvin and the Early Reformation"!

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11. Internationale Emder Tagung zur Geschichte des Reformierten Protestantismus
March 19-21 2017
Johannes a Lasco Bibliothek Emden

Die 11. Internationale Emder Tagung zur Geschichte des Reformierten Protestantismus hat als Tagungsschwerpunkt: '„Wir sollen menschlich sein …“ - (Johannes Calvin) Diakonie im reformierten Protestantismus.' 

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 Lundvisual.jpg The Reformation in Lund, Malmö, Copenhagen
March 29-30, 2017
Lux, Lund University

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Reading Protestant Authors in Transylvania and Its Neighbouring Territories
March 30-31, 2017
Lucian Blaga Central University Library, Cluj-Napoca 

The conference proposes to map the most important readings of readers from Transylvania and the neighbouring territories in the field of religious movements of the 16th-18th century in an attempt to place the 16th century Reformation understood in a restricted sense into a long narrative.

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Reformation and Revolution
April 25, 2017
Lund University

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Seventh Annual RefoRC Conference "More than Luther: The Reformation and the Rise of Pluralism in Europe"
10 May 2017-12 May 2017


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Die Reformation als Bewegung und Veränderung in Kirche und Staat"
19 May 2017-21 May 2017
Schloss Hartenfels Torgau 

Die Tagungsreihe beschäftigt sich mit der Gedenkkultur der Reformationsjubiläen. Zugrunde gelegt werden ausgewählte politische Epochen in Deutschland und Europa; dabei werden einige geschichtserinnernde Reformationsjubiläen bis heute berücksichtigt. Die Tagung 2017 widmet sich der unterschiedlichen Gedenkkultur des Lutherjubiläums in Ost und West, und den Dimensionen des Reformationsjubiläums 2017.

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The Arts and Ecumenism: What Theology Risks in Artistic Creation
Paris (May 12-14 2017), Strasbourg (May 19-21 2017), and Florence (May 26-28 2017)
Université de Strasbourg (Faculté de Theologie Protestante), L'Institut Catholique, Archdiocese of Florence

This conference is dedicated to the evolving visions of contemporary sacred art in the Protestant and Roman Catholic traditions. Presentations will discuss catholic and protestant approaches to art through history, theology, liturgical contexts, and post-Vatican II developments, with specific references to areas of exchange between American and European viewpoints.

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A 500 años de la Reforma Protestante. Trayectoria y perspectivas
29 May 2017-30 May 2017
Departamento de Ciencias Históricas y la Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades de la Universidad de Chile 

This conference analyses the trajectories and perspectives of the religious, cultural, political, economical and artistic phenomena of the Reformation. It gives a platform for research on pre-Reformation movements, the Reformation in different countries, the political and cultural impact of the Reformation, the political, cultural and social changes since the Reformation and so on.

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EX NIHILO: Zero Conference on Research in the Religious Fields
18 June 2017-21 June 2017 
FSCIRE Bologna 

The purpose of the conference is to test the initiative of a European Academy of Religion as a research platform and as a network of networks.

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Die Zeit der Reformation aus einem anderen Blickwinkel. Eine Lateinamerikanisch-ökumenische Perspektive
30 June 2017-2 July 2017
Roncalli Haus Magdeburg

Die Tagung soll einen wissenschaftlichen Beitrag in lateinamerikanischer und ökumenischer Perspektive im Blick auf das Reformationsgedenken leisten und das Reformationsgedenken in einer internationalen und ökumenischen Perspektive erarbeiten und diskutieren.

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Encounters between Catholics and Protestants in Africa
 11July 2017-14 July 2017
Jesuit Historical Institute in Africa

The 500th anniversary is an occasion to learn more about the imprint of the Reformation on African Christianity. First, it is an opportunity to ask questions about the Reformation itself: Why did it take so long to have a direct impact on Africa? Second, it is an opportunity to look at actual historical encounters between Catholics and Protestants in Africa. Third, it is an opportunity to observe more closely legacies of the Reformation in current African Christianity. The conference on “Encounters between Catholics and Protestants in Africa” is an international forum for scholars to explore the themes outlined above and other related subjects

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The Cultural Impacts of Reformation
07 August 2017-11 August 2017

The conference aims at a new description of how to understand the impacts of Reformation. It challenges generally accepted assumptions on the course and shape of the Reformations impacts.

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V. Internationaler Kongress für Pietismusforschung
27 August 2017-31 August 2017
Franckesche Stiftungen in Halle 

Ende August findet der V. Internationaler Kongress für Pietismusforschung in Halle auf dem Gelände der Franckeschen Stiftungen statt, wiederum ausgerichtet vom Interdisziplinären Zentrum für Pietismusforschung der Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg in Zusammenarbeit mit der Historischen Kommission zur Erforschung des Pietismus und den Franckeschen Stiftungen.

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Die Ilanzer Artikelbriefe im Kontext der europäischen Reformation
04 September 2017-06 September 2017

Die Konferenz soll die Bedeutung der Ilanzer Artikelbriefe (1523-1526) für die kirchliche, politische, sozialgeschichtliche und konfessionspolitische Entwicklung der drei Bünde im europäischen Kontext untersuchen.

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Remembering the Reformation
07 September 2017-09 September 2017
Murray Edwards College Cambridge 

This three-day conference aims to explore the links between Reformation, remembering and forgetting across late medieval and early modern Europe. 

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La construction internationale de la Réforme et l’espace romand: courants religieux, mutations sociales et circulation des idées à l’époque de Martin Luther
14 September 2017-16 September 2017
Université de Geneve

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Northern Reformations
21 September 2017-22 September 2017
University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway

What did the protestant reformations look like in the very north of Europe in comparison with other parts of Europe? How did the cultural, political and economic consequences of the religious change affect the relationship between Scandinavia, the British Isles and continental Europe? Various questions related to these main themes will be discussed at the conference “Northern Reformations” in Tromsø, September 21–22, 2017.

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Global Reformations: Transforming Early Modern Religions, Societies, & Culture
27 September 2017 - 30 September 2017
Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Victoria College - University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

What is Reformation, and where? Who does it impact, and how? This conference invites a sustained, comparative, and interdisciplinary exploration of religious transformations in the early modern world.

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Reformation der Kirche - Reform der Bildung. Die Universität Marburg und der reformatorische Bildungsauftrag
27 September 2017-29 September 2017
Hessiches Staatsarchiv Marburg

Referenten: Gury Schneider-Ludorff, Willem Frijhoff, Katharina Schaal, Bernhard Ebneth, Stefan Ehrenpreis, Martin Hein, Markus Wriedt, Athina Lexutt, Marcel Nieden, Wilhelm Ernst Winterhager, Matthias Asche, Horst Carl, Marian Füssel, Frank Wagner, Herman Selderhuis, Christoph Kampmann, Leonhard Hell, Markus Matthias, Wolf-Friedrich Schäufele, Eva-Maria Felschow, Heinrich de Wall, Ralf Koerrenz und Christoph Markschies. 

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Ecclesia Semper Reformanda: Renewal and Reform Beyond Polemics (LEST XI)
11 October 2017-14 October 2017
KU Leuven 

LEST XI wishes to focus on the complex reality of the renewal and reform of the Churches. Four themes will be central during this conference. LEST XI will approach them with a view to offering an ecumenically-oriented reflection on the renewal and reform of the Church. The four themes are as follows: the importance of the Scriptures for the inner life of faith and for Church and tradition, the tensile relationship between sin, grace, free will, justification and sanctification, sacramentality and rituality, with special attention to Eucharist and sacrifice, democratisation and the power structures within the churches.

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Tagung Europäische Melanchthon-Akademie "Das 15. Jahrhundert"
12 October 2017-14 October 2017
Melanchthonhaus Bretten

Die Tagung will das reiche und vielfältige geistig-kulturelle Leben des 15. Jahrhunderts für sich, losgelöst von eventuell später aus ihm hervorgegangenen Phänomenen der Religions-, Medien-, Globalisierungs- und Wissen(schafts)sgeschichte sichten.

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Baylor Conference Commemorating the Five Hundredth Anniversary of the Reformation "The Reformation and the Bible"
25 October 2017-28 October 2017
Baylor University 

Speakers include: Bruce Gordon, Yale; Randall Zachman, Notre Dame; Johanna Rahner, Tuebingen.

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The Global Impact of the Reformation and its Relevance for Continuing Reformation
25 October 2017 - 30 October 2017 in Wittenberg
World Reformed Fellowship/Refo500

To commemorate the 500 years of the global impact of the Reformation, World Reformed Fellowship is arranging a Refo500 event in the Luther Hotel in Wittenberg from the 25th – the 30th of October 2017. More


Changes, (Dis)Continuities, Traditions and Their Invention During 500 Years of Reformation
27 October 2017-28 October 2017
BabeČ™-Bolyai University 

The conference goal is to comprise and integrate the ongoing disparate research projects of Central and Eastern Europe into a common conceptual framework focalized on the idea of Long Reformation in this region and sustain their progress from 2017 onwards.

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A Builder of Modernity: Lutero - Theses - 500 Years
9-11 November 2017

The main objective of the conference is to present and discuss a number of critical approaches on the relevance of the Protestant Reformation as a cultural “asset” and the pertinence of Reformed thought in the construction of identities and representations of European culture in general and Portuguese culture in particular.

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Effervescence spirituelle en chrétienté au temps de Luther (1483-1546) dans les pays gagnés par la Réforme
17 November 2017-18 November 2017
Société Montalbanaise d'Etude et de recherche sur le Protestantisme

L’objectif de ce colloque sera de réfléchir sur cette période clé où s’est affirmée la Réforme, de s’interroger sur l’évolution des sensibilités religieuses au moment où se diffusent les idées nouvelles dans une multitude de livres imprimés. 

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In partibus fidelium. Missions in the Levant and Understanding the Christian East
27 November 2017-29 November 2017
Fondazione Per Le Scienze Religiose Giovanni XXIII in Bologna 

This international conference will look at the assimilation in Europe of knowledge concerning Eastern Christian Cultures, especially from the last third of the XIXth century, and the role the missions played in this process.

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The Reformation (1517-2017): What Legacy for Europe?
30 November - 2 December 2017
Paris-Sorbonne University

The conferene will look back at the reasons, the stakes and consequences of the German Reformation for the political, social and cultural history of European countries.



Eighth Annual RefoRC Conference 2018
May 24-26, 2018
University of Warsaw

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2018 Calvin Congress: "John Calvin: the Bible's impact on Politics and Freedom"
26 August 2018-31 August 2018
Westminster Theological Seminary

During the Congress meetings there are typically two plenary keynote addresses, along with several smaller sessions where scholars are invited to present papers on various topics. The main theme of the 2018 Congress is “John Calvin: the Bible’s Impact on Politics and Freedom.” The papers are typically presented in English, German or French.

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Bologna.jpg Ninth Annual RefoRC Conference 2019
May 15-17, 2019 (preliminary dates)
Fscire, Bologna

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